Issues of year 2008

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Issue no. 2/2008.

Balan Ionut, Morariu Nicolae
Downloads: 77
Dalu Surendra S., Naskar K. Mrinal, Sarkar C. K.
Downloads: 78
Faur Gheorghe
Downloads: 74
Faur Gheorghe
Downloads: 80
Mates Dorel, Turcanu Viorel, Grosu Veronica, Iancu Eugenia
Downloads: 72
Mihut Marius
Downloads: 73
Podean Marius, Rusu Lucia, Lutas Mihaela, Jecan Sergiu
Downloads: 80
Schipor Ovidiu A., Schipor Maria D., Pentiuc Stefan G.
Downloads: 74
Seetharam Anand, Bhattacharyya Abhishek, Naskar K. Mrinal
Downloads: 71
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