Paper title:

A Generic Information Factory for a National Public Institution

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 2) / 2008
Pages: 20-24
Author(s): Faur Gheorghe
Abstract. In Romania a public institution have to cope with gathering, analyzing and use of large amounts of data. For this issue, having in mind that almost all institutions subordinated to the government handle the data in the same way, we will try to define a generic information factory at a higher level of abstraction in a manner in which it could be applied to a large number of national public institutions. For accomplish this task we have studied the structure of a national public institution, namely Labor Inspection. The case study reveals the actual informational chaos and a way to put some order in gathering, analyzing and use of data and information by management level competencies.
Keywords: Information Factory, National Public Institution, Employees Registry, Labor Inspection

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