Paper title:

Mass Transfer and Radiation Effects of Unsteady MHD Free Convective Fluid Flow Embedded in Porous Medium with Heat Generation/Absorption

Published in: Issue 3, (Vol. 4) / 2010
Publishing date: 2010-10-26
Pages: 108-113
Author(s): REDDY G. V. Ramana, MURTHY Ch.V. Ramana, REDDY N. Bhaskar
Abstract. The influence of critical parameters on the unsteady two dimensional, laminar boundary layer flow of a viscous, incompressible, electrically conducting fluid along a semi infinite vertical plate in the presence of thermal effects under the influence of magnetic field which is applied normal to the flow has been examined in this paper. A time dependent suction is resuming and the radioactive flux is considered. The results are obtained and discussed with respect to various parameters such as Pr, Sc, M, Q, K, A, Nr, Gr and Gm. It has been found that when the thermal and solutal Grashof numbers increase, the thermal and concentration buoyancy effects are enhanced when the fluid velocity increases. Further, when the Prandtl and Schmidt numbers are in upward trend, the thermal and concentration level shows a decreasing trend resulting in the reduced fluid velocity. The results are found to be in agreement with earlier results, while the method solution differs.
Keywords: Boundary Effects, Radioactive Heat Flux, MHD, Unsteady State Flow.

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