Paper title:

Portfolio Evaluation Based on Efficient Frontier Superiority Using Center of Gravity

Published in: Issue 3, (Vol. 4) / 2010
Publishing date: 2010-10-26
Pages: 93-97
Author(s): MOHAMED Zulkifli, MOHAMAD Daud, SAMAT Omar
Abstract. Investing in portfolio of assets is the best way to reduce the investment risk. The most desired portfolio can be obtained when investors chose to invest in the portfolios that lay on the portfolio’s efficient frontier. However, the superiorities of the portfolios are difficult to differentiate especially when the efficient frontier curves are overlapping. This paper proposed the portfolio’s efficient frontier center of gravity (CoG) and Euclidean distance to identify its superiority. A sample of 49 stocks of large-cap and small-cap were used to construct two hypothetical portfolios and its efficient frontiers. The Euclidean distance showed that the large-cap portfolio is superior and having wider feasible solutions compared to the small-cap portfolio. The results of new tool introduced are consistent with the conventional methods. Here the theoretical and practical implications are provided in light of the findings.
Keywords: Investment, Portfolio, Efficient Frontier, Center Of Gravity, Euclidean Distance.

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