Paper title:

Mobile Application Prototype for Monitoring Auto Fleet Using Multilayer Approach

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 3) / 2009
Publishing date: 2009-10-20
Pages: 87-93
Author(s): Rusu Lucia, Sarbu Marius, Podean Marius, Sitar Dan
Abstract. The aim of this paper is to offer a solution for a mobile system, based on platform independent solution and virtual globe software integrate sensors’ information of vehicle parameters and geo position dates obtained from MultiMap, using the GIS’s strongpoint on spatial analyzing and use of location and communication equipment based on GPS and GPRS. We presents the system objective, function, component modules and key techniques in the procedure of system development. The system, focused on the spatial information and attribute information of vehicle and road, was developed and applied in MCLocator.
Keywords: Vehicle Monitoring, Virtual Globe Products, Mobile Application Space, Multilayer Application

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