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Tools for Bramwell-Holdsworth-Pinton probability distribution

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 3) / 2009
Publishing date: 2009-10-20
Pages: 73-76
Author(s): Socaciu Tiberiu, Danubianu Mirela, Maxim Ioan
Abstract. This paper is a synthesis of a range of papers presented at various conferences related to distribution Bramwell- Holdsworth-Pinton. S. T. Bramwell, P. C. W. Holdsworth, J. F. Pinton introduced a new non-parametric distribution (called BHP) after studying some magnetization problems in 2D. Probability density function of distribution can be aproximated as a modified GFT (Gumbel-Fisher-Tippitt) distribution.
Keywords: BHP Distribution, PP Plot, QQ Plot, Statistical Tests,BET-FI Index, Bucharest Exchange Stock.

1. Tiberiu Socaciu, Mirela Danubianu, BHP Universality Hypothesis Verification for BET-FI Index of Bucharest Stock Exchange, in The Annals of the "Stefan cel Mare" University Suceava. Fascicle of the Faculty of Economics and Public Administration, vol. 8, no. 1(9), 2009, pp. 320-325.

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