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The On Line Management of the Degraded Locations within Built Up Areas

Published in: Issue 1, (Vol. 2) / 2008
Pages: 39-45
Author(s): Stefanescu Beatrice, Caruntu Catalin, Morariu Nicolae, Iancu Eugenia
Abstract. The present work presents the accomplishments within the research project CEEX „Telematic system for the on line management of the degraded within built up areas – ZoneMAP” in the program INFOSOC between 15.09.2006- 31.10.2007. The authors of the present article are part of the committee of accomplishment of the project. The general objective of the project ZoneMAP consists of the system for the management and the on line monitoring of the degraded within the built up areas due to the uncontrolled waste storing, by elaborating an electronic system of geographical positioning GPS/GIS. The general objective of the ZoneMAP project consists in drawing up a telematic system regarding the monitoring of the areas affected by the uncontrollable waste storing by using the newest informational and communicational technologies through the elaboration of a GPS/GIS electronic geographical positioning system. The system for on-line management of the affected locations within the built up areas are defined the following data categories: data regarding the waste management (monitored locations within the built up areas, waste, pollution sources, waste stores, waste processing stations), data regarding the environment protection (environmental quality parameters: water, air, soil), spatial data (thematic maps). Through the automatic collection of the data regarding the environment, the meteorology and the ecology it is aiming at the realization of a monitoring system, equipped with sensors and/or translators capable of measuring and translating (into electrical signals) measures with meteorological character (such as: the intensity of the solar radiation, temperature, humidity) but also state measures of the ecological system (such as: the concentration of nutrients in water and soil, the pollution in water, air and soil, biomasses). The collected measures will have to be converted into numerical values that will be stored in the database of the system. The system’s database is distributed on the following levels: the central database server (SQL Microsoft server) and the local database servers (Microsoft ACCESS). The organization, the description and the processing of the cadastral data requires the utilization of a GIS (Geographical Information System) type product. The NetSET package is also considered because it offers a very good balance between price, performances and facilities, covering all the aspects concerning GIS applications development.
Keywords: On-line Management, Monitoring, Waste Storage, Environment Protection, Degraded Locations Within The Built Up Areas, GPS/GIS, Spatial Data, Thematic Maps

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