Paper title:

Iterative Method for the Solution of Fredholm Integral Equations of the 2nd kinds via Matrices

Published in: Issue 1, (Vol. 15) / 2021
Publishing date: 2021-04-19
Pages: 26-29
Author(s): AHMED Hela Shawkat, MOHAMMED Sizar Abid
Abstract. It was given a matrix iterative algorithm to solve the approximate equations Fredholm integral of the second kind. Modify the algorithm ideas of iterated kernels through a matrix of Hilbert. Thus, some numerical examples are observed results while reducing solution, given the procedure to replace the kernel technology given to the equation almost an integrated nucleus of a degraded kernel in a matrix form, and then to create a repeating sequence of iterative solutions.
Keywords: Integral Equations, Iterative Methods, Approximate Solutions. Matrix Treatment

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