Paper title: Algorithm Analytic To Find Maximum Matching In Bipartite Graph
Published in: Issue 1, (Vol. 14) / 2020Download
Publishing date: 2020-04-25
Pages: 25-29
Author(s): VALENCIANO Alvin, ISTIONO Wirawan
Abstract. Matching is a set of edges in a graph which each of the edge does not share a common vertex. Maximum Matching in a graph is number of maximum matching which a graph can have. Graph that will be used is guaranteed to be a bipartite graph that each of the vertices can be divided into two independent sets and edges in that graph always connect two vertices from different set. Topic in this journal is to find maximum matching in a graph. There are several approaches and optimizations to be done to achieve intended optimal solution. One of those optimization is vertices and edges compression so the algorithm can safely ignore duplicate vertices and edges in the graph. Purpose of this journal is to find accuracy and time complexity of all algorithm used to find maximum matching.
Keywords: Maximum Matching, Bipartite Graph; Depth-First Search, Maximum Flow

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