Paper title:

A Model of Online Business Matching using Web Semantics

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 12) / 2018
Publishing date: 2018-10-15
Pages: 14-19
Author(s): ARBA Raluca
Abstract. The development of globalization and Internet technologies led to big changes in daily business activities and forced managers to reconsider the way they conduct organizations. Taking the managerial concept of the Extended Enterprise as starting point, we rely the present model proposal on its characteristics as a group of entities chained to one another into the business process for sharing knowledge, data, resources and collaborate in order to create a product and/or service and combine it with the Business Process Innovation approach, which refers to changing the global supply chain using advanced Enterprise Information Systems and the advantages offered by the Semantic Web Technology. The present paper presents a model of an online B2B matching platform capable to identify new possible partners and inject them in an extended organization’s supply chain process. The solution will work based on specific algorithms for Semantic Web Matching. It will provide support for decision making and suitable robust supply chains identification for a given company
Keywords: Value Reference Model, Extended Enterprise, Business Matching, Semantic Web, Matching Algorithms

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