Paper title:

Novel Crypting Methods Based on Singular Values Decomposition

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 10) / 2016
Publishing date: 2016-10-20
Pages: 15-20
Author(s): HOUAS Amrane, SOUALHI Sara, MOKHTARI Zouhir
Abstract. With the rapid development of multimedia exchanges, it is necessary to dispose secure systems to protect data and ensure the security of transfer. Two encryption schemes are proposed in this letter where the second is obtained by a simple modification on the first. The construction of the proposed schemes is based on the Singular Values Decomposition (SVD) which allows us to compress data by liminating a number of singular values. So by these schemes instead to send an encrypted image, we send a set of three or six encrypting images. Both of schemes are applied on (PNG) images in different levels and their efficiency is tested by calculating MSE, NPSR and MAE. Numerical results and the reconstructed images are discussed.
Keywords: Cryptography, Compression, Singular Values Decomposition, Attaks

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