Paper title:

Intersystem Communications between Virtualized Agents

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 9) / 2015
Publishing date: 2015-10-22
Pages: 18-21
Author(s): Gherman Ovidiu
Abstract. This paper presents an analysis of the main problems associated with data and command communications in virtualized environments. This aspect is very important in determining the performance and functionality of such systems. In this regard, an effective data communication brings obvious advantages for volume data transfer (images, backups, checkpointing information). If we are to refer to resource administration overhead, we can notice that direct connectivity - although important - is not the only factor which defines the performance of data transfers; resource administration, resource loading and load balancing are also extremely important. Furthermore, a command structure is very important to expand the capabilities of underlying software (platform). Even if a platform supports various functions, the system should have the capability to discover, asses, command, deploy and monitor various dynamic virtualized resources in order to correctly (and efficiently) use those resources, either via predefined protocols or via a set of mission-defined parameters that are transferred and intelligently parsed and processed
Keywords: Virtualized Environments, Virtualized Agents, Intersystem Communications, Communication Protocol

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