Paper title:

Improving the Security of Internet Banking Applications by Using Multimodal Biometrics

Published in: Issue 1, (Vol. 9) / 2015
Publishing date: 2015-03-31
Pages: 37-42
Author(s): LUPU Cătălin, GĂITAN Vasile-Gheorghiţă, LUPU Valeriu
Abstract. Online banking applications are used by more and more people all over the world. Most of the banks are providing these services to their customers. The authentication methods varies from the basic user and password to username and a onetime password (OTP) generated by a virtual or a physical digipass. The common thing among authentication methods is that the login wepage is provided through a secure channel. Some banks have introduced (especially for testing purposes) the authentication using common biometric characteristics, like fingerprint, voice or keystroke recognition. This paper will present some of the most common online banking authentication methods, together with basic biometric characteristics that could be used in these applications. The security in internet banking applications can be improved by using biometrics for the authentication process. Also, the authors have developed an application for authentication of users using fingerprint as the main characteristic, which will be presented at the end of this paper.
Keywords: Internet Banking, Biometrics, Digipass, Fingerprints, Security

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