Paper title:

Mobile Apps and Romanian Mobile Devices Users’ Preferences

Published in: Issue 3, (Vol. 8) / 2014
Publishing date: 2014-10-30
Pages: 20-25
Author(s): TUTUNEA Mihaela Filoteia
Abstract. During the last years the development of mobile technologies generated the formation of a new segment of software industry dedicated to applications for mobile devices. At their turn, mobile apps created new tendencies in software development but also generated important revenues at the level of the specialized industry as well as at global level. From this perspective, the present article, on one hand, describes an image of the mobile infrastructure, mobile applications and their users, on the other hand, includes a study regarding Romanian users of mobile devices in order to identify the types of applications usually employed in mobile activities, the time dedicated to these activities, the number of downloaded applications and their cost levels. We consider that the results of this study may be useful to mobile app users and developers, and mobile device providers.
Keywords: Mobile Devices, Mobile Platforms, Mobile Apps.



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