Paper title:

Searching of Chaotic Elements in Hydrology

Published in: Issue 1, (Vol. 8) / 2014
Publishing date: 2014-03-25
Pages: 27-30
Author(s): VLAD Sorin, PENTIUC Ştefan-Gh.
Abstract. Chaos theory offers new means of understanding and prediction of phenomena otherwise considered random and unpredictable. The signatures of chaos can be isolated by performing nonlinear analysis of the time series available. The paper presents the results obtained by conducting a nonlinear analysis of the time series of daily Siret river flow (located in the Nort-Eastern part of Romania). The time series analysis is recorded starting with January 1999 to July 2009. The attractor is embedded in the reconstructed phase space then the chaotic dynamics is revealed computing the chaotic invariants - correlation dimension and the maximum Lyapunov Exponent.
Keywords: Big Data, Decision Tree, Hadoop, MapReduce, Pattern Recognition

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