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The Effect of Number of Agents on Optimization of adaptivity Join Queries in Heterogeneous Distributed Databases

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 7) / 2013
Publishing date: 2013-10-28
Pages: 18-22
Author(s): FEIZI-DERAKHSHI Mohammad-Reza, ASIL Hasan, ASIL Amir, ZAFARANI Elnaz, ZAFARANI Elnaz
Abstract. Distributed systems signify data distribution, association of activities, and controlling the distributed components of the system. Distributed systems are mostly used to share the workload or transfer data processing functions to a place nearer to those functions. This important task should be mentioned in database query optimization. The growing need for optimizing query processing in databases has given rise to many methods of doing this. This article provides a multi-agent system for heterogeneous distributed databases by combining optimization techniques for processing queries in databases and adaptivity. In this system the effect of the number of agents on optimization of query processing in Heterogeneous distributed databases will be analyzed. In this system an agent has been added to make the database adaptable. In this system the greatness of the effect of number of agents on optimization of processing of joined queries has been analyzed.
Keywords: Join Ordering, System Adaptable, Multi-agent Systems, Database

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