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Simplifying Text Transfer between a PC and a Smartphone by Synchronizing their Clipboards

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 6) / 2012
Publishing date: 2011-10-24
Pages: 44-47
Author(s): BODNARIUC Marius Adrian, PENTIUC Gheorghe Ştefan
Abstract. The implemented system (ClipShare) is aimed at simplifying text transfer between a PC and a Smartphone by synchronizing the two devices’ clipboards. Everything the user has to do in order to send a piece of text from one device to another is to perform a copy-to-clipboard operation on the first device and a paste-from-clipboard one on the second. The copy-paste operations are performed by using widelyknown, standard operating system commands and UIs, such as Right-Click + Copy or Ctrl + V. ClipShare monitors the clipboards of the two connected devices and when a new copy operation is performed on either of them, it sends the data to the other device’s clipboard. The user receives an unobtrusive notification that a new clip was received from the ClipShare connected device. A Bluetooth link was chosen as the underlying connection, so the application can be successfully used even with devices that are not connected to the Internet. The proof-of-concept application was written for and runs on Microsoft ® Windows 7 and Android 2.2.1 operating systems.
Keywords: Synchronized Clipboard, Text Transfer, Mobile, Bluetooth.

1. Wondows 7,

2. Android,

3. IrDA,

4. NFC,

5. Bluetooth,

6. USB,

7. Gmail,

8. Google Translate,

9. Separation of Concerns,


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