Paper title:

Prediction of Ready Queue Processing Time in Multiprocessor Environment Using Lottery Scheduling (ULS)

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 5) / 2011
Publishing date: 2011-10-28
Pages: 58-63
Author(s): SHUKLA Diwakar, JAIN Anjali, CHOUDHARY Amita
Abstract. While in multi-user environment, CPU has to manage lot of requests generated over the same time. Waiting queue of processes generates a problem of scheduling for processors. Designers and hardware architects have suggested system of multiprocessors to overcome the queue length. Lottery scheduling is one such method where processes in waiting queue are selected through a chance manner. This opens a way to use probability models to get estimates of system parameters. This paper is an application where the processing time of jobs in ready queue is predicted using the sampling method under the k-processors environment (k>1). The random selection of one process by each of k processors through without replacement method is a sample data set which helps in the prediction of possible ready queue processing time. Some theorems are established and proved to get desired results in terms of confidence intervals.
Keywords: Scheduling, Lottery Scheduling, Bias, Variance, Confidence Interval Lottery Scheduling (ULS), Estimator, Sampling

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