Paper title:

Combining Natural Human-Computer Interaction and Wireless Communication

Published in: Issue 2, (Vol. 5) / 2011
Publishing date: 2011-10-28
Pages: 47-52
Author(s): MORARIU Adrian, CLIPA Bogdan, LAUSNAY Steven De , STRYCKER Lieven De , PENTIUC Stefan Gheorghe
Abstract. In this paper we present how human-computer interaction can be improved by using wireless communication between devices. Devices that offer a natural user interaction, like the Microsoft Surface Table and tablet PCs, can work together to enhance the experience of an application. Users can use physical objects for a more natural way of handling the virtual world on one hand, and interact with other users wirelessly connected on the other. Physical objects, that interact with the surface table, have a tag attached to them, allowing us to identify them, and take the required action. The TCP/IP protocol was used to handle the wireless communication over the wireless network. A server and a client application were developed for the used devices. To get a wide range of targeted mobile devices, different frameworks for developing cross platform applications were analyzed.
Keywords: Natural Interaction, Mobile Technologies, Cross Platform, Multi Touch Surfaces, Physical Objects, Wireless Communication

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